Why CARES Northwest?

Years ago, if children were physically or sexually abused, they had to tell their very personal and painful story again and again and again. Thanks to CARES Northwest, those days are over.

Caring and trained professionals from different backgrounds and agencies come to CARES Northwest each day to help children and families. The focus is on making sure each child is safe and healthy. By working together, the trauma related to an allegation of child abuse is minimized.

In addressing child abuse and neglect as a team, everyone saves the system time and money, and makes our communities safer.

When a child comes to CARES Northwest, he or she speaks with a specially trained social worker or counselor and a doctor or nurse practitioner in warm, child-friendly surroundings. The child is provided a head-to-toe physical examination and, when needed, a videotaped interview. Community partners from child protective services and law enforcement may listen to the evaluation in order to assist in protecting the health and safety of the child, and reduce the number of times the child has to recount his or her experience. At CARES Northwest, everything we do is designed to make it as easy as possible for a child to talk about what happened.