CARES Northwest is one of five Regional Service Providers (RSP) in the state of Oregon.
Since 1998, CARES Northwest RSP has provided training and consultation to professionals in
the field of child abuse and neglect in counties across northern Oregon, including the Portland metro area.

CARES Northwest RSP offers annual conferences on the clinical response to child abuse. These conferences address evaluation and intervention of child abuse and neglect. Topics cover the spectrum of child abuse-related issues.

Participants are professionals in the field of child abuse and neglect, who are members of their county’s Multidisciplinary Team, including medical providers, child interviewers, law enforcement officers, child welfare case workers, victims’ advocates, counselors, social workers, and attorneys. The conferences are free to participants, but pre-registration is required.

CARES Northwest RSP provides consultation, peer review, trainings, and resources, on request. For more information about trainings and services, please contact Jared Perkins at 503-276-9016 or