How We Work

At CARES Northwest, children are provided a complete head-to-toe medical check-up. The evaluations are conducted by doctors and nurse practitioners trained in the area of child abuse assessment. CARES Northwest’s high level of expertise leads to more accurate diagnosis of child abuse and neglect. In addition, other childhood diseases or conditions that might be mistaken for abuse or require medical treatment can be confirmed or ruled out. This neutral medical approach helps ensure the right diagnoses and treatment recommendations are made for the health and safety of each child.

  • Evaluation of Sexual Abuse, Physical Abuse, Neglect and/or Domestic Violence. CARES Northwest provides medical examinations and evaluation for children who may have been abused. Children are referred for any needed medical treatment or follow-up. When appropriate, an interview is conducted with the child by a trained specialist to clarify the specifics of the alleged abuse as well as exposure to high risk factors for child abuse. A neutral medical approach to the evaluation for child abuse benefits the child, the family and the alleged perpetrator.
  • Mental Health Services. The CARES Northwest Family Support Program, staffed by child and family therapists through Multnomah County, provides immediate mental health services, when needed, to the families and children served by CARES Northwest. Services can include referral to community agencies, crisis intervention, age appropriate child therapy, family therapy, parent support groups and other various resources.